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The ‘One Pot’ Experiencediffdot-d (Degree of difficulty)

For older students (5’ tall & age 12+)
3-5 sessions  $60.00

One on One instruction.  Start to Finish.  Guaranteed to complete one pot.

The 'One Pot' Experience will take you through the whole process of creating pottery. 
With one-on-one guidance from the potter you will throw a pot on the wheel, trim it, and glaze it.

This class takes 3 to 5 sessions*.  You are guaranteed** to have a pot when you are done.
All tools and supplies are included in the price. 
The sessions are scheduled at your convenience, with gaps in between to allow for drying and kiln time.

Typical Experience (approximate times):

Session 1:  Throw  (90 minutes)

Listen, learn, and watch as instructor make one pot on a potter's kick wheel. 
Student makes one pot on a potters kick wheel with instructor’s hands on help. 
Student makes one pot by themself with instructor’s verbal help.
This may or may not be successful and may require multiple sessions.

Session 2:  Trim  (one hour)
Watch instructor trim a leather hard pot.  Try to trim your leather hard pot.
*Pot can be ruined at this point, which would require a repeat of session one.

Session 3:  Glaze  (one hour)
Prepare the pot for glazing and glaze for final firing.


The Potter's Words of Wisdom:

  •  Many people enjoy doing this class with two students at the same time;
    more than two is not practical.

  •  Two people makes session times longer: two to three hours for the first session,
    an hour and a half to two hours for sessions 2 and 3.

  •  First pots are usually small and often not round.  I cannot guarantee anything
    except that you will make a pot yourself.

  •  The first and third sessions are VERY messy, staining may occur during the third session.

  •  Long pants are recommended.  Closed toed, firmly attached shoes are required (no clogs)

  •  A pottery kick wheel can be a dangerous object.  Respect this fact and you can have
    a safe and very enjoyable experience.


Description Price
One Pot Experience $60
Continuing Instruction  (per hour) $20


You will have a thrown pot of your own making.  Size is not guaranteed. 
If your pot cracks or breaks during the drying or firing processes you may need to start over. 

Keys to difficulty level: 

= Easy - good for younger children, easy success.

 = Medium - requires more focused effort and imagination.

 = Difficult – requires patience, focus, imagination and tolerance dealing with set backs.

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