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Why Pottery?
Pottery is quite simply a unique creation each time.  Making pots is always a dynamic experience.  Mud in motion.  Sometimes the same mud takes several different shapes before it gets fired into a finished product.  That's OK.  Sometimes I think the mud has a desire to be something other than what I had in mind when I sat down at the wheel.  I've learned it's best to go with the mud.
What is pottery?
The raw material is clay - a sloppy mix of organics and minerals.  Clay can be different colors and different textures.  I enjoy the process of shaping the clay and hoping for a nice piece.  Some items are very functional and some are very beautiful and some make a nice addition to my "well let's try something different" list.  Once the wet clay has been shaped to your satisfaction, you air dry it to "leather hard" and then finish the shape, surface and edges.  You then heat the clay in a kiln to a "bisque".  This baked clay is rather fragile, but it is quite dry and porous and this is when you decorate with slips, underglazes and/or glazes.  Then it's fired again, this time hotter and longer to bake the glaze onto the pot.
What's on the shelf?
Here are some pictures of what I've done over the years.  If you're interested in buying something you see, please check to see that it's still available.  Not all items are displayed. Most current work is found on Facebook:  (www.facebook.com/WillorainStudio). Pop over and say hi!
If you're in the Elk River, Minnesota area please feel free to call ahead and see if I'm in the studio.  My hours vary, but I'll do my best to suit your schedule!
One way of sharing what I do is by going to shows in the area.  If you see me at a show, say Hi!
The Potter
Action shots :)

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WilloRain Studio is located in Elk River, Minnesota in southeastern Sherburne County.  We are about 30 miles northwest of Minneapolis. 
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